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How to Measure for Window Glass Replacement

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Replacing window glass is a task that necessitates precision. Accurate measurements ensure that the new glass fits perfectly, preventing any insulation, safety, or aesthetics issues. Below is a detailed guide to assist you in effectively how to measure for window glass replacement.

Step-by-Step Guide How to Measure for Window Glass Replacement

1. Gather Necessary Tools

Before beginning, ensure you have the following tools at hand:

  • A metal tape measure provides more accurate measurements than a cloth tape.
  • A notepad and pen: For recording measurements.
  • Gloves: To handle broken or sharp glass edges safely.

2. Measure the Width

Step 1: Place the tape measure on the window frame’s left edge and stretch it   

horizontally towards the right extremity.

Step 2: To ensure precise measurements, ascertain the width at three distinct points: the  

uppermost, central, and lowermost sections of the window.

Step 3: Record the smallest of the three measurements. This accounts for any irregularities in the frame and ensures the glass will fit properly.

3. Measure the Height

Step 1: Position the tape measure at the window frame’s base, then draw it vertically to its summit.

Step 2: Mirroring the approach adopted for width, measure the height at three     specific points: the left, central, and right facets of the window.

 Step 3: Note down the smallest measurement.

4. Measure the Thickness

Window glass can vary in thickness, so getting this measurement right is crucial.

  • Step 1: If your window is broken, find a piece of the broken glass to measure. If the window is intact, you can measure the edge of the glass directly in the frame.
  • Step 2: Use the tape measure to determine the thickness, ensuring you’re measuring just the glass and not including additional layers or seals.

5. Consider the Square Footage

Although not always necessary, you can calculate the total square footage of the glass for pricing or ordering purposes.

  • Formula: Width (in feet) x Height (in feet) = Square Footage

6. Account for Special Features

If your window has unique features, such as a curve, leaded design, or tinting, note these, as they will influence the type of replacement glass you’ll need.

7. Double-Check Measurements

To ensure accuracy, consider measuring everything a second time. Even a minor miscalculation can lead to ordering glass that doesn’t fit.

8. Record and Store Measurements

Once you’ve gathered all the measurements, record them. Store them safely, or immediately forward them to the glass supplier or contractor.


Measuring for window glass replacement is a meticulous task, but with careful attention to detail and adherence to the steps above, you can achieve accurate results. Always remember: in the realm of glass replacement, precision is paramount.

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